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Do take the time to at least read the sections below which you think apply to Your situation.

When contacting us, please demonstrate the same level of courtesy as you expect from us.

Use our Contact Form rather than email, where possible.

Provide details of your order (reference, date, name) rather than one-liners, such as:

"Where's my order?"

We then have to determine WHO you are; Do you actually HAVE a Confirmed + Shipped order; WHEN, WHAT, HOW etc. etc.

We are here to help and want nothing more than for you to be satisfied with your purchase and our service.

However, you have a personal responsibility to be considerate and at least give us something to work with. 

Very few packages ever go astray and we do not want yours to be one of the few.

However, mishaps occur and it is far easier and rewarding for us to work together to resolve issues.


We use Royal Mail for all international shipments except Express.

The choice of Tracked or Non-Tracked is Yours nad are different services. Tracked is NOT standard, either within or from the UK.

We cannot possibly know the current status of all local services (Customs, Postal, Transport etc.) around the world so it is Your responsibility to check these before making a purchase.

That applies especially if the purchase is for a special occasion.

It is quite apparent that many deliveries are taking up to several weeks longer than usual due to the various restrictions and extra precautions in place in different locations.

You should also be aware that some packages could arrive very quickly and others take much longer, for no apparent reason. The likelihood is that the delayed packaged has been randomly selected for a spot-check at Customs. Therefore, telling us: "I received  this or that package from the UK, why not from You" is pretty pointless since we have no control over any delivery once a package has left us.

Also, with so many current restrictions in place, do make sure you do not leave your purchase as long as you might usually have.

Please do not request tracking when You selected a Non-tracked shipping method.

For tracked shipments, you will always receive a tracking link with or shortly after your Order Shipped notification.

We would always recommend a tracked service, especially between October and December. At least You can then monitor the progress yourself and, once the package has arrived into your own country, usually on your own postal service website.

Click here, then on your own country, to see the latest news Royal Mail have to hand. Please note, the information is likely to be general country/major region rather than your specific area. 


Governments of most countries that we ship to have implemented various containment measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the Novel Corona Virus. Limitations do not apply to the movement of goods and Royal Mail and UPS continue to operate a regular service.

However, for all current untracked shipments, estimated delivery days are a best-guess only and, as advised in your selected shipping method, are subject to Your local conditions.

During this time, we will be adhering to Royal Mail's rules for considering undelivered packages:

    United Kingdom - 10 Working days after Due date.

    International -  Europe - 20 Working days after Due date

                         -  Rest of World - 25 Working days after Due date

Before contacting us and to save your time and our currently reduced resource:

    Please do not ask us for tracking details if you have selected an UNtracked service.

    Confirm that you have provided the correct FULL delivery details

    Confirm that you have checked with neighbours and your local post office that they are not holding your package.

We are currently operating Monday through Friday and serving our customers as usual. Despite current challenges, we continue to service our customers as best we can. Current circumstances may cause some delays in transit. For example, new border controls, reduced air freight capacity in the market, and local protective regulations and quarantine measures may all impact service.

Within countries, some parcel deliveries may not be possible due to the closure of shops or businesses, or restrictions in various postcodes, in which case parcels will be returned to sender. Undeliverable parcels due to this emergency carry either of the below tracking statuses:

As per government announcements, most shops have been ordered to close until further notice.

For parcels requiring a signature, drivers will temporarily do this on behalf of the customer to avoid unnecessary contact via hand-held devices. We kindly request customers to open the door, accept the parcel and state their name for security purposes. Parcels that are not signed for will be marked with code CV19 plus 11 digits of the consignee’s name as proof of delivery.

Due to the unprecedented nature of the current situation, the waiting times for our customer service desk may be longer than usual. For the latest status of your tracked shipments we encourage you to use shipment tracking as advised in your Order Shipped email.

????Thank You! Stay Safe! Follow Your Government's Advice, Instructions & Guidelines.????


If you wish to know the cost of sending an order to a particular location, add the item(s) to the cart/basket and proceed to checkout. Type in the full delivery address and our range of available shipping options for that location will display. We hope you will then proceed to checkout but, if you do not wish to, kindly delete the item(s) from the cart/basket and continue. 


Your shopping basket displays the goods you have purchased we endeavour to process all orders within 24 hours (exclusive of Weekends and UK Holidays). This may not apply to Personalised items and other Signed products, which may take longer to prepare. Each product details page indicates the timescale for shipping.

We will do our best to notify you if your goods are not able to be despatched within this timescale.

*Shipping rates on Google Shopping are the minimum available in our store, not applicable to every product, as Google display.

We do our best to inform customers the implications of the shipping method they are buying.

Estimated delivery times are as provided by Royal Mail, our shipper other than for Express shipping.

Please review the shipping description before selecting it, especially the words in UPPERcase. 

They are stressed for a reason and to inform you that the delivery time is not a commitment

A couple of common examples are:


- UNtracked service - delivery AIM: 7-10 WORKING days after dispatch; subject to DESTINATION local services


- delivery AIM: 3-5 WORKING days after dispatch; subject to DESTINATION local services

During the Christmas shopping period, which is getting longer and longer, it is safe to say that these delivery estimates should be ignored as they are really aims at 'normal' times. You should first check with your own postal service as to the time it estimates an incoming package should take.

So, throughout November and December, we really have no idea how long orders will take to arrive and, as time gets closer to Christmas, it is at your own risk if you select a shipment method other than Express. However, during the busiest periods, not even Express deliveries cannot be guaranteed to arrive at the expected time. It is also at your own risk if you buy something for a special occasion, at any time, if you do not buy in good time to accommodate unforeseen delays (e.g. Customs spot-checks). Whichever service you select means you accept the terms and conditions of that carrier.

PO Boxes

We will ship to a PO Box address, using the address exactly as provided in the order.

The reason for this is that we use address lookup databases for every country we ship to and our own system cross-checks the existence of provided addresses with the respective database.

PO Boxes are not present in these databases, so we have no means checking the existence of the provided address,

Therefore, even though we will ship to PO Boxes, we are reliant on the address being accurate and will not accept responsibility for non-delivery, for any reason.

UNtracked vs Tracked vs Express

Tracked is the same standard service as UNtracked, except for the tracking. It is not, but can be, an expedited (faster) service.

By definition, Express is both tracked and much faster, as reflected by the price.

Please note that, unless you select an express shipping method, we cannot be responsible for delays due to overseas Customs (and/or Homeland Security) or local postal services.

For Express deliveries, we will advise you the consignment number (tracking reference) the same day as your order is shipped; Royal Mail tracking is sometimes not available until the working day following despatch.


For UK customers choosing Royal Mail 24 or 48:

These are tracked services with a delivery AIM of 24/48 hours. Also, although tracked, Royal Mail tracking can be extremely slow and each movement of a package is sometimes not recorded until 24 hours after the event. So, in the case of RM24, you may have received your package before it appears to have even gone out for delivery.

If your delivery has been delayed, then please contact us and we will provide you with the tracking number, if available, to enable you to chase it up with the relevant shipping service.

A tracking number is only available if you selected a Tracked or Express service. 

If you are offered both RM First Class and RM Large Letter, we suggest you select Large Letter since that is also a first class rate.

If you still select RM First Class, then we will send it RM Large Letter anyway, so why spend more than you need.

Obviously, if RM Large Letter is not an option then we will send it using RM First Class.

So, select the shipping method that best suits your needs and/or budget, but do not later request tracking info if you have not purchased a tracked service. 

We cannot refund or replace lost items until UK: 10 working days after the due date; Europe: 20 working days after the due date; Other countries: 20 working days after the due date. - this is when the Royal Mail classes items as being lost.

Again, for our UK Customers:

What DOES Next Day Delivery actually mean?

It is a common misunderstanding that, if you select Next Day Delivery, you will definitely receive your order the day after you place it.

1. Firstly, it is Next WORKING Day delivery, as it states in the shipping option description.
So, if you place an order at 11:59pm on a Friday evening, it will be sent to you on the following Monday (if not a public holiday) and you should
receive it on Tuesday.

2. It is also Next Working Day FOLLOWING DISPATCH, as it states in the shipping option description. Please note that during periods of extreme pressure, e.g. December, the delivery time might well extend by a working day.

3. An order will only be dispatched on the same day as placed if a Working day AND it is currently held at our warehouse.
Items such as Signed Shirts are not allowed to be held by retailers so we need to call off the item from our stock; it is sent to us and we
then send it to the customer. Hence, Dispatch in 2-3 Working Days, etc.

4. If Next Day Delivery is the only option offered, that is because the value and/or combined volumetric weight of the item(s) exceed the values
which Royal Mail insures under their First Class or Tracked Delivery services. We currently use UPS being a reliable and economic option.

5. Due to the unprecedented volumes since March 2020, fewer staff to handle them and the prevailing Covid restrictions, all carriers are adding at least 1 day to their delivery timescales. That includes to "Next Day Delivery". Please be aware of this delay when placing your order.

So, far from 'pulling a fast one', as has been suggested, we go to considerable lengths to explain our procedures and options to those who
readily seem to take as fact 'whatever it says'.

International Buyers

Value Added Tax (VAT) is calculated on shipping destination. When applicable it is included in the price for orders shipped to all destinations.

Orders sent abroad may be subject to local sales tax or import duty.

These are not included in our prices and customers remain liable for payment of these taxes or duties on or following delivery.

You should be clear that we have no control over these charges and we are unable to tell you what the cost would be as customs policies and import duties vary widely, not only from country to country, but sometimes within a country.

Whereas most of our products may not attract either import duty or local sales tax, some higher value items certainly will. It might be worth checking your potential liabilities PRIOR to placing an order.

International shipping - When items are sent to another country, your parcel is often handled by more than one postal service. Unfortunately that means delivery problems are more likely. When we send a parcel abroad, the actual delivery of the item will be the responsibility of the postal service in the country the items are going to. Delays can often be caused by customs checks, which can sometimes take up to 1-2 weeks and which are increasingly more likely in these days of heightened security.

The costs for delivery are shown depending on the shipping destination and the delivery service selected.

Non-UK Customers please scroll down to Countries and select the appropriate Zone for your country.

Then, find the weight for your chosen item(s) from the respective product details page. You will be able to determine the shipping (postage & packing) charge for your item(s) weight from the relative Zone column.

For INTERNATIONAL orders weighing greater than 2kg and containing more than 1 item, you will usually find the combined shipping is cheaper if you split the order into orders less than 2kg.

e.g. 4 x Manchester United Wallpaper weighing 785g per roll.

Total weight 3.14kg

The total cost of sending this VOLUMETRIC weight to a European country would be up to £46.50.

However, by making 2 different orders of 2 rolls in each, the combined cost would be a maximum £26.40.

We hope this info helps, at least your bank balance!

International Shipping

As from 23rd September 2015, due to the highly competitive nature of our products, we have introduced a wider range of delivery options, particularly at the lower end.

Please note, our tracked/signed-for services are not express services, but delivery does tend to be quicker than Standard International Shipping.

An International Express service can be provided. If the delivery address is UK or Western Europe, the price* will be available for selection at checkout. Countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa & USA will display a price but may need to be updated.

Express Service is not available for our Personalised items.

* International Express carriers charge more for what they refer to as Remote Areas. Consequently, where we do publish a price, the price will be to areas within easy reach of the carrier's nearest depot.

If they classify an address as Remote Area, you will be advised of the additional charge and given the option to accept it, change to a different shipping method, or cancel your order.

International Incident Bulletin

A round up of any issues which may be affecting mail services to and from countries around the world.

Royal Mail keeps this information as up-to-date as possible, with information supplied to them by the various foreign national postal authorities. 

We do not profit from shipping but neither do we pretend shipping is free, by merely increasing the price of our products.

Postal Services Offered
Service Expected* Country Postcodes    Max. Weight        Max. Value    Price    
DOMESTIC            g                £           £
Royal Mail Large Letter  1-2 Days UK         All 100 30 1.15
250 30 1.40
Royal Mail First Class 1-2 Days UK         All  1,000 30   3.50
 2,000 30   3.90
Royal Mail Second Class 2-3 Days UK All 2,000 30 2.75
Royal Mail Tracked 48 2-3 Days UK         All  2,000 70   4.75
Royal Mail Tracked 24 Next Day UK         All  2,000 70   5.95
UPS Next Day UK All except below 25,000  N/A   7.95
UK BT 25,000  N/A 12.95
UK JE, GY, IM 25,000  N/A 19.95

                                      *Day(s) = UK Working Day(s)




Zone 1a

Zone 1b

Zone 2a

 Zone 2b














Canary Islands


Hong Kong



Bosnia and Herzegovina












Czech Republic

New Zealand

 South Africa  


Faroe Islands


 United Arab Emirates  



United States















 Macedonia, FYR      


 Moldova, Republic of      








 Russian Federation      



San Marino









 Vatican City      






  Maximum Weight

Maximum Value
     g            £                       £



Royal Mail Large Letter

ZONE1a/b     100 30.00               2.50
        250 30.00               3.75

Royal Mail International Standard





        250                 4.50
        500                 6.25
        750                 8.00
      1000               10.00
      1250               11.50
      1500               13.50
      1750               15.00
      2000               17.00

Royal Mail International Tracked



70.00               9.50
        250               10.75
        500               12.50
        750               13.75
      1000               15.75
      1250                16.75
      1500               18.00
      1750               19.75
      2000               21.00


70.00             10.00
        250               11.00
        500               13.00
        750               16.00
      1000               18.00
      1250               20.00
      1500               22.00
      1750               24.00
      2000               27.00

Royal Mail International Signed



70.00             10.00


















70.00             10.00
















UPS Express  ZONE1a 25000 N/A Ask 4 quote
    ZONE1b   25000  N/A Ask 4 quote
   ZONE2a/b 25000   Ask 4 quote