Guide to Fan Memorabilia

Football souvenirs have come a long way in recent years and today you can buy so much more than scarves, rosettes and badges. From breakfast bowls to calendars & diaries, from jewellery and even garden gnomes, the list is almost endless.

Traditionally the list of football fan memorabilia was fairly restricted. Aside from scarves and rosettes you could pick up a rattle as well until their popularity began to wane. Enamel badges became popular but these were initially very limited and for a time you could only buy your club crest in lapel badge form.

The introduction and subsequent growth of the internet has also led to an explosion in football memorabilia and auction sites have played their part in adding to this development. When these sites were first brought to the attention of your everyday sports fan, they tended to list the rarer items of memorabilia such as old programmes, ticket stubs and autographs.

Traders however soon became aware of the commercial possibilities and many online shops began to appear and sell a host of modern items at affordable prices. The range at the time was still fairly limited although badge designs for example were more varied and scarves too were sold in more than just plain club colours.

The ease by which the internet facilitated global trade suddenly opened up a huge opportunity for worldwide manufacturers to sell a whole new range of football memorabilia to retailers across the globe.

Today, the range of memorabilia available is more comprehensive than ever before and whatever household item you can think of has probably been decorated in club colours and turned into a football souvenir.

Clothing and accessories are always good sellers and ties and cuff links have joined the traditional hats and scarves. Any of these make perfect gifts and there are various styles available so they can be worn at any type of occasion - even at the most formal of events.

Children and even pets are catered for too: An entire child`s bedroom can be kitted out with curtains, wallpaper and bed linen in their favourite club colours. Posters and calendars too have evolved and now there is a huge range to choose from. The family pet can join in the fun as well with feeding bowls, leads and blankets alongside a range of other items.

Everyday household items have also been given a makeover and you can now buy mugs, bowls, spoons and coasters to name but a few.

With modern soccer fan memorabilia it is important to buy officially licensed merchandise from a trusted retailer. Unofficial items are likely to be of inferior quality and in the long run are liable to break and ultimately disappoint the football fan in your life. Once you have sourced your trusted outlet you will find an extensive range of quality souvenirs at affordable prices.

Football is more popular than ever and the growth in the possibilities to watch live football has played a big part in this rise. Football souvenirs have evolved too and there is a bigger and better range than ever before that brings fun and excitement into homes and football grounds around the World.